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LFY Consulting, based in Chicago, IL, offers coaching and consulting services for achievement oriented business professionals that are in a managerial or directorial level position, that have thought about leaving their job or starting their own business due to feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

Live for Yourself (LFY) Consulting

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We coach and develop leaders to find more meaning in life and at work, and then be able to lead others to do the same.

LFY Consulting, based in Chicago, IL, offers coaching and consulting services for intrapreneurial business professionals that are in managerial or directorial level positions and feel stuck or unfulfilled at work. They tend to contemplate starting their own business, changing positions, or even careers in order to find greater meaning in life and at work.

Too often people seek greater meaning in life and at work externally, such as from a new job or an entrepreneurial venture without ever actually finding meaning. The hard truth though, is that personal meaning is really an inside job. You need to focus on the personal side of things, and that’s your internal leader. That’s where we can help.

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I signed up for a coaching program [with LFY Consulting] because I felt stuck. I couldn’t find meaning at work and I actually started resenting my job for holding me back. Something had to change but I didn’t know what or how to decide. In less than three months of coaching and taking action I finally felt like I was on the right path, that my work was meaningful, and I found the clarity and developed the skills I needed to keep going.


You don’t have to feel stuck. There’s a process and system that you can learn to find more meaning in life and at work.

You’ve been successful in your professional career, but you’ve proven that being successful doesn’t mean you actually feel successful, or are able to help others feel successful. Your behaviors, habits, and mindset - your internal system - isn’t going to lead you toward your new goals.

Dr. Benjamin Ritter, internal leadership coach, founder of LFY Consulting

Dr. Benjamin Ritter leads an audience through coaching style discussions that are integrated throughout LFY events and workshops to help facilitate learning, engagement, and toward creating an internal leadership system. Helping audience members find greater meaning, and learning how to lead others to do the same. Find out more about LFY events here.



This is a new type of leadership, for a new type of leader.

LFY Consulting focuses on the individual first, the internal leader, training them to first lead themselves so that they can then lead others.

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This is the future of personal and leadership development. Everyone can and deserves to feel fulfilled at work and in life.

LFY Consulting understands how today’s society and the associated pressures lack the ability to find and cultivate meaning. The big picture has little to do with your salary, job title, and it’s still a lot bigger then what most coaches preach as the holy grail, your values.

In order to create an impact in an organization, for yourself, others, and ultimately the world, you need to be able to consistently live a life of meaning, knowing and making choices that are aligned with who you are, and then be able to lead others in learning how to do the same for themselves.

A life of meaning is a life of fulfillment, and a life of fulfillment is a great place to live and work.

LFY Consulting spreads this modern message of personal and professional development through it’s unique and exclusive LIVE system that is at the heart of all of its coaching and consulting, but also through workshops, a series of events, it’s podcast, products, and courses.

Dr. Benjamin Ritter, internal leadership coach, founder of LFY Consulting


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Personal coaching services, which can be related to life coaching, guide achievement oriented business professionals and entrepreneurs that have been successful professionally yet feel unsuccessful personally. It is the only coaching program that utilizes the LIVE system which integrates doctoral level applied learning theory, and curriculum and leadership development research for coaching results that last a lifetime.


Workshops focus on personal and professional development through applied learning, interactive discussion, and reflection. Workshops integrate the foundations of coaching strategies to facilitate learning, introspection, and comprehension.


Live for Yourself (LFY) Consulting events are focused on cultivating community through conversation, stories, and inspiring ideas. Be prepared for nights to remember with incredible speakers, thought provoking ideas, and the opportunity to create new meaningful relationships. Coaching type of discussions are integrated throughout the events to help facilitate learning, introspection, and comprehension.


The Live for Yourself (LFY) Podcast highlights thought leaders and speakers at LIVE events, covering a range of topics; including dating, relationships, and business, touching on life coaching, business coaching, leadership coaching, and personal development.


The Live for Yourself (LFY) Workbook is a self-guided workbook and guide that will help you take back control of your life, and start living the life you desire. The LFY Workbook was meant to provide the core assignments of the LIVE program, and act like a personal coach, without the actual coach.


Too often people take the "easy" way out when they feel stuck at work. They leave. Initially it makes sense to think that to find more meaning at work you need to find a new job. Ultimately though, if you were to fast forward 2 years you're going to feel the same way. That's not to say that you can't find meaning in a new job, but it's implying that finding meaning is more of an inside job. If you’re wondering how to make the most out of any job you’re at, then this course is for you.



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