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LFY Consulting, based in Chicago, IL, offers coaching and consulting services for achievement oriented business professionals that are in a managerial or directorial level position, that have thought about leaving their job or starting their own business due to feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

Leadership and Empowerment Coaching

LFY Consulting, based in Chicago, IL, offers coaching and consulting services for achievement oriented business professionals that are in a managerial or directorial level position, or entrepreneurs that are feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

Are you successful professionally, but feel unfulfilled personally?

Do you feel stuck in the same cycle and are tired of wasting even more time?

Are you ready to focus on yourself and find greater meaning at work and in life? 



Life has it's ups and downs, that’s to be expected, but this is different. You feel stuck and that something is off in your life.

You’re confused though, because you’ve been successful professionally. You should feel good, but for some reason you still don’t FEEL successful.

The problem is that working hard, although important, actually created this problem. The tunnel vision with work, “busy” as the norm, is part of the issue, and has caused a lot of other things that you care about to fall to the way side.

Your relationships may have suffered, self-care has fallen to the wayside, and now you aren’t even sure if you’ve chosen the right career - the one thing that you’ve been really successful at.

You’re stuck. More importantly, you don’t feel fulfilled.

Fast forward 10 years, what if nothing changes. Are you willing to lose that time, experiencing the same results over and over again?

You’re smart and really good at getting things done. The problem is that the system - your behaviors, habits, and mindset - that got you to where you are today, won’t help you feel fulfilled. Where you’re at now is proof that your current system doesn’t work.

You know you have to focus on yourself, but what does that even mean?

You may even have been motivated to fix your situation by reading self-help books, browsing articles, listening to life coaching or related podcasts, attending a personal development seminar, and hiring a life coach. All of these steps were important and created an impact, but it wasn’t enough. That’s because it wasn’t personalized, systematic, and created for YOU.

That’s why I founded Live for Yourself (LFY) Consulting and created The LIVE System©, and The Three C’s of Self-Leadership©. My goal is to provide each and every one of my clients the systematic research based program they need to achieve success in life, and find the meaning they crave.

There is more to life. You don’t have to be stuck in the same cycle, and I want to help.

It’s really simple. You aren’t happy right now and haven’t been for awhile. You don’t want things to stay this way but you have no idea what to do.

That’s where coaching comes in.

I will guide you in discovering and creating the life you desire, and then teach you how to do it yourself so you don’t have to feel this way again.

Your answer is right here. You need to contact us if:

  • You know you need to focus on yourself

  • You feel stuck in the same cycle

  • You think you know what you need to do but it’s either not working, or you can’t find the drive to do it

  • You have experienced a level of professional success but don’t feel fulfilled or successful personally

  • Anxiety, stress, frustration, ego defenses, and confidence issues are negatively affecting your life

  • You feel lonely and unsupported

  • You lack clarity on what you need to do next in life professionally or personally

And want to:

  • Feel more in control of your life and a greater sense of calm

  • Gain the clarity you need to take action!

  • Deconstruct limiting beliefs and feel confident and successful

  • Understand the basis of fulfillment and how to take steps to get there

Over the years of being a coach I have found that some people need a quick tune up and perception shift to make immediate improvements to their current situation, and some need a greater transformation and are a perfect fit for my longer term coaching programs.

In order to assess which program would be best for you we offer complimentary informational sessions which you can book below. These sessions involve getting to the heart of your concerns, gaining clarity, answering any questions about coaching programs, and figuring out if coaching would be a good fit. Informational sessions will offer some clarity on your issue and discuss opportunities to work together on a longer term basis. After you schedule an appointment you will be asked to fill out a short form to help guide the session.

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Are you an intrapreneurial business professional that doesn’t feel fulfilled and you want to start your own business?

You’ve had enough at work. Either you can’t stand your boss, coworkers, or just aren’t finding meaning at your work anymore. But you aren’t sure what to do, you don’t truly feel competent yet to launch a business, and you don’t really know how to launch a business. The WHY, WHO, WHAT, and HOW are undefined and feel too far to even reach.

So I coach business professionals to uncover what they truly want to create and then take them through the initial stages of forming their business and preparing to leave their old career behind. The programs I offer focus on creating greater clarity, confidence, and control (The 3 C’s of Self-Leadership©), while also exploring, defining, and aligning their life to the meaning at the core of their work through the LIVE system©. Schedule a time to chat with us.

Are you an intrapreneurial business professional that doesn’t feel fulfilled in your work and wants to jump start your career?

You’ve had enough at work. Either you can’t stand your boss, coworkers, or just aren’t finding meaning at your work anymore. You have the semblance of an idea about what you want to do but you have little idea on how to make that a reality. You don’t truly feel competent yet to start applying to jobs because you don’t see how your experience fits but really just aren’t sure what you want to do next. So you stall. Put it off, and let time pass you by.

So I coach business professionals to uncover what they truly want to do for the next stage in their career, learn to improve where they are first while working on where they want to go, take them through the initial stages of presenting their strengths in a way that fits their next steps, generate strategies to create powerful connections to support their goals, while also preparing them to continue on their journey. The programs I offer focus on creating greater clarity, confidence, and control (The 3 C’s of Self-Leadership©), while also exploring, defining, and aligning their life to the meaning at the core of their work through the LIVE system©. Schedule a time to chat with us.

Are you an entrepreneur that’s experienced some success but is getting in your own way?

Your inner critic is screaming at you every day. Doubt clouds your vision. Your to-do list piles up and you can’t seem to find the motivation to do the work you need to do. You don’t even know what exactly to do anymore, and your life is out of balance.

Well the tricky part is that you are your own worst enemy right now and so it’ll be really hard for you to solve your own issues without taking some drastic action - like giving up - which is not the option you probably want or that I want.

So I coach entrepreneurs to get unstuck, feel empowered, and be able to lead themselves and their business again through creating greater clarity, confidence, and control at work and in their life (The 3 C’s of Self-Leadership©). While also reigniting the meaning that they use to feel with their work through the LIVE system©. Schedule a time to chat with us.




Further information regarding client testimonials and client success stories can also be found on this page. If you have any other questions about LFY Consulting and coaching services you can also review the FAQ section.


Making the decision to get coached and go through the LIVE program was the best decision I have ever made in my life. It has been a life-altering experience, with an amount of infinite personal growth that I never expected to experience. It isn’t an easy experience to face personal fears, but Ben is a naturally talented coach that helped me feel at ease, was very patient and skilled at guiding positive results. After completing this program I have greater self-confidence and am finally living my life fully.

What differentiates Benjamin Ritter from other life and relationship experts is the tremendous amount of respect he harbors for every individual he meets. When you first meet him, you immediately gather the sense that he genuinely cares about what he does as a coach and wants to invest in your personal growth and potential. He gathers his energy from seeing others succeed and provides an awesomely positive level of encouragement balanced with constructive feedback on how his clients can makes themselves the best at whatever they desire to improve in their lives and relationships. I consider it a great privilege to have been able to work with him and embark on a journey, with the aid of his easy to follow program, to build the life I’ve always wanted to live, but couldn’t find the resources and confidence to make it a reality. I have never been more happy, healthy, both mentally and physically, focused and purpose driven than I am at this time in my life and I attribute much of my personal growth and new found success to the teachings of this fine gentleman. Ben will show you the ways to stop living short of what you want out of life and find ways to improve your relationships, while at the same time, finding happiness and motivation from within yourself. I have tremendous respect and admiration for what he has done and continues to do for all the individuals he has helped, and I am grateful to have had him open my eyes, creating an awareness of the endless possibilities and choices I DO have the ability and opportunity to pursue.

To be clear, none of this was easy. It took alot of time and work. Not to mention just facing the fact that I wasn’t the person I wanted to be, but it was more than worth it. Ben pushed, pulled, led, waited patiently, and during the whole time respected me and genuinely cared about my growth. The live program truly taught me how to finally live for myself and be the person I didn’t even know I could be

I have enjoyed the LFY Program with Ben Ritter. I can hardly believe three months have gone by. This program was both amazing and challenging to me. I started out with the goals to live for myself, take time for myself, date more and develop a fabulous social life. At the end I realized that living for myself at this point encompasses doing the things that I want and love in my life. Ben was a great consultant that really cares for his clients. He is patient and takes the time necessary to make sure that the client is supported. He did this with love and showed empathy. This made the sessions more comfortable, especially the challenging ones. Ben knows the technology of his program and that is why it is a success. I would refer him to others that are looking to align their values with their everyday living. My biggest challenge in the program was incorporating my professional life and my personal life, together as one. I had always kept these areas separate and through the program I was able to create strategies for melting these two worlds together. I had other epiphanies that were life changing and I am grateful for the LFY Program and the rediscovery of me.

Ben has a very simple and charismatic approach to not only dating, but also the fundamentals of life. On many occasions he has guided me on the steps to being a masculine individual in a “world full of odds.” Great instructor, insightful mentor and a real mensch!

Ben has a deep technical understanding of social dynamics and social norms, this knowledge in combination with his natural charm makes him powerful and effective.

I honestly don’t know where I would be without Ben. Before working with him I was lonely, disheartened, and had almost no self-confidence due to a previous marriage. Ben was the first breath of fresh air I had taken in a long time. He was respectful, and extremely patient but demanded accountability. I am more confident and fulfilled than I have ever been. He really knows his stuff.


Client success stories:


A female leader in the consulting industry was struggling for years with a fear of social situations, anxiety, and lack of personal confidence. Ultimately her main goal was to transition from her current career and launch her own business but she was holding herself back. She met the founder at an event he hosted and ultimately signed up for coaching after an informational session and learning about the coaching systems that could help her get unstuck and pave the way to her new career. During the coaching program she gained an awareness of her stories, values, and true goals. She defined and reframed her limiting beliefs, perceptions of success, and grew confident in her WHY and self, while also building a peer network of individuals that will support her moving forward. After three months of coaching she uncovered how to truly connect with herself, dismantle her limiting beliefs, rediscovered her emotions and sense of self, abolished her fear of social situations and judgment, and discovered her values and how to align her life and her relationships to her core self. She now knows herself and speaks her truth, improved her levels of emotional intelligence and levels of confidence, is living a more fulfilling life, and is currently using her new skill sets to build her business.


A female CEO in the construction and consulting industry was seeking an opportunity to gain clarity on why she felt stuck, felt burnt out, and didn’t feel “good enough.” She knew that her current mindset was holding herself back from greater success and enjoyment. After meeting the founder through a mutual program she signed up for coaching to learn more about how to live for herself and start exploring and defining how to live a more aligned fulfilling life. Her inner critic was incredibly strong due to past experiences but she stayed the course, implemented the assignments and strategies of the coaching program and after 3 months of working together, she now loves herself first, has a positive social life, believes she is enough, published a book, launched her second business, and has created an employment structure so that she and can take time off of work without a concern.



A successful male leader from the corporate world was dealing with frustrations at work in his team and leadership, didn’t feel connected to the actual work he was doing, and felt stuck - that his work lacked meaning. He was ready to quit his job but wasn’t sure what to do next and didn’t want to make the wrong decision. He ultimately signed up for coaching after meeting the founder at an event he was hosting and an informational call. During the coaching program he was able to gain clarity on his goals, emotions, values and alter his inner dialogue in regards to success and himself. After a 3 month coaching program he gained clarity on where he found meaning and was able to alter his current position to be more fulfilling, and developed relationship management skills that drastically improved his work relationships and the social environment for himself and his team. He has also crafted more meaningful work, has a specific plan for his career, is confident in himself, and recently was promoted to a position he decided was the perfect next step.



A female engineer in management was seeking the confidence and clarity to find greater meaning at work and in life through launching a business and create a positive social impact in the world. She was stuck in her current role, become more resentful toward her work, and less confident in herself in each passing day she didn’t take action. Ultimately she became a client because she didn’t have clarity on what she wanted to do, or even how to do it. She wanted quicker results than she was able to achieve on her own, and knew that her current process wasn’t working. Through the coaching process she uncovered a lack of confidence in herself and her capabilities that made her doubt herself and delay decisions despite her proven professional success. Throughout the program she also tested and tried various ideas and media channels, and discovered how to create greater meaning in her life and gained clarity on the business she wanted to create. After 3 months of working together, she believes more in herself which has led her into a beautiful relationship, set greater boundaries in her work environment, and is constantly living intentionally to her values, and growing a business that will lead her to the life she desires.



A male regional director in the corporate industry was seeking an opportunity to gain more confidence in his professional and personal life, and gain clarity toward how to find greater meaning at work and in life. He didn’t feel “good enough” and didn’t feel his work was meaningful. He met the founder when he was speaking at a panel event and spent time researching his brand and online content. Ultimately he became a client because of the patience, attention, and service that the founder provided during the discovery process. During the coaching process he gained an understanding of who he was, what he wants, how he can get there, and started taking action. Ultimately after 4 months of working together, he is more confident than ever before, believes he is successful, has clarity on his next steps, started a side business, moved his current position from in-office to fully remote, and is about to gain employment at a new job he’s been working toward.



A successful male healthcare leader was seeking greater clarity of who he was and what he wanted, and gain the confidence in himself to use that information moving forward in his life professionally and personally. Ultimately he became a client after researching the founder, and after understanding how a coaching program would lead him toward his goals. During the coaching process he discovered his “true self,” cemented real boundaries for others and himself, tested himself in situations that were uncomfortable but caused growth, and truly starting living for himself. After working together for 3 months he gained an understanding of his values, who he truly wanted to be, took steps to get there, gained confidence in himself, found a more aligned higher paying job, and met an amazing partner to whom he is now married.



A successful female manager in a large corporation was seeking greater clarity and feeling stuck at her current job. She was struggling with relationship management in the organization, and knew she wanted more from her professional life but didn’t know what or how. She felt stuck, unfulfilled, and resented going into work each day. She met the mentor through LinkedIn and ultimately signed up for a coaching program after an informational session. Throughout the coaching process she defined her goals, beliefs, values, and began creating a peer and mentor network that would serve her. She also discovered that her lack of trust in others and herself was one of the core reasons that she was unhappy and unable to achieve the success she desired. After 3 months of working together she has created greater boundaries at work, made more space at her current job to work remote and on work that matters to her, reframed her relationships at work, developed leadership specific skills that have been recognized by her boss and co-workers, and ultimately made the decision to leave her current job and is currently building a business that brings her joy and has already started booking clients.



A physician and faculty leader was struggling with confidence, stress, productivity, and relationship management. She met the founder through a mentor position and after a meeting, researching the systematic process of his coaching programs, and a lack of further progress in her own life decided that coaching needed to be her next step. After 3 months of working together her inner champion is stronger than it’s ever been, her past limiting beliefs are out in the open and are being challenged and reprogrammed, she’s spending more time on self-care, and taking proactive steps toward her goals.


Are you ready to create greater meaning at work and in life?

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