Live for Yourself - Chicago based coaching and consulting services
LFY Consulting, based in Chicago, IL, offers coaching and consulting services for achievement oriented business professionals that are in a managerial or directorial level position, that have thought about leaving their job or starting their own business due to feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

LFY Consulting Client Introduction

The following information describes some general information about how the coach and client will work together, and the coaching process.

Welcome to LFY Consulting and congratulations on taking the first and most important step in getting unstuck, finding more meaning in life and at work, and achieving the life you desire.



Coaching session expectations and essentials:

  • Please be on time for your coaching sessions and in an environment without distractions.

  • Coaching sessions are normally conducted through Zoom audio sessions ( You can use Zoom on your phone or computer. It is preferred to book end each session with video to start and to end but that is up to the preference of the client.

  • The coach is responsible for assigning “homework” that will lead you toward the goals of your program. As the client you will be responsible for completing the assignments, or being open if you are not able to complete the assignments. It is better to wait to complete an assignment than rush through work that requires a certain level of focus and introspection. Completed assignments should be submitted 24 hours prior to the scheduled coaching session. If an assignment cannot be completed the client needs to inform the coach prior to the next session.

  • Along with the scheduled assignments clients agree to provide a weekly update through email/text/voicemail (whichever you prefer) regarding your week (a weekly summary), and current thoughts or concerns you would like to ensure we touch on for the session. This will allow us to cover more material, and refresh your memory of specific details prior to our meeting. Clients tend to find it easy to submit this short weekly update when they also submit the weekly assignments.

  • The success of a program largely depends on the level of trust and honesty between the client and coach. Both client and coach agree to say everything and anything that comes to mind, and voice their opinions, even if there may be a disagreement. This relationship and program will not be successful without our ability to speak to each other openly, and without concern of judgement. Everything that happens during this relationship is meant to be helpful and oriented toward your growth. The coach is a tool for you to use and lead you closer to your goals.

  • Everything that is said or occurs during a coaching program is confidential unless governed by law.

What to expect during your first coaching session:

  • Your first coaching session will spend time defining measurable goals for the course of your program, setting measurable objectives, deciding on your preferred format for communication and assignments, and providing immediate solutions or strategies to deal with present concerns.

  • At the end of the session you will receive an email with the measurable goals and objectives for the course of your program, notes from the session, immediate solutions, and assignments for the following week.

Other coaching session notes:

  • Subsequent sessions will involve discussing your weekly summary, assignments, other issues and growth opportunities that develop, and checking progress toward your program goals. Despite having a program structure and specific goals, YOU still set the agenda for each coaching session.

  • Your coach may interrupt a story or if you are getting to much into details when it does not relate to your progress or growth. It is meant to keep you on track, get to the bottom line, and continue moving forward. LFY coaching is action and solution oriented.

  • If something IS or ISN’T working for you, let your coach know. Feedback is important. This is all about YOU, so make sure that you also feel empowered to question something or give your opinion about the process.

Program logistics

  • Investment in your coaching program is completed in two split payments. Half of the total program investment prior to the start of a program, and the other half after the first month of coaching. Clients who choose to submit the entire payment of a program at once will receive a lump sum discount of 10% off the total cost of a program.

  • If you need to reschedule, postpone, or delay any session there will be no penalty if there is appropriate notice. The coach and client will mutually agree upon new time frames for the session. Clients are expected to provide at least a 24-hour notice of any changes to the schedule. It is understood that emergencies happen and a 24-hour notice may not be possible in which exceptions will be made. If a client does not show up to a scheduled session without any notice that session will be forfeited and a conversation will need to be had to decide if the coach and client wish to continue the program.

  • If at any point in time either the coach or client wish to discontinue the program a refund will be prorated to the exact date.

  • During the program you are able to call or text (224-766-0383) and email ( as needed.