Live for Yourself
Live for Yourself (LFY) consulting focuses on transforming others and cultivating personal fulfillment through personal alignment. 


Welcome to The LIVE for Yourself Podcast - with your host Benjamin Ritter, MBA, MPH, EdD, social entrepreneur, and personal and professional coach/consultant.

The LIVE for Yourself Podcast highlights thought leaders and speakers at LIVE events, covering a range of topics; including dating, relationships, business, and personal development. Each of these areas plays a direct role in our levels of health, wealth, happiness and ultimately our sense of self. In each episode we attempt to uncover various ways and strategies you can live for yourself, and create greater levels of personal fulfillment and happiness.

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Traveling to a better you with Meetal Gandhi

How often have you wanted to just pack a bag and jump on a plane? Personal growth comes from new experiences, and nothing quite matches the new experiences you can achieve through travel. In this episode we interview Meetal Gandhi (joining us all the way from Australia), a successful world traveler, and entrepreneur of life, whom shares a tidbit of his unique journey, and priceless travel tips towards how to create your own personal journey. Questions, comments,

Benjamin Ritter