Live for Yourself
Live for Yourself (LFY) consulting focuses on transforming others and cultivating personal fulfillment through personal alignment. 


Live for Yourself (LFY) Consulting offers events, products, and personal and professional consulting/coaching services to help others develop their internal leader, transform their life, and simplify health, wealth, and happiness.


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Dr. Benjamin Ritter founded Live for Yourself (LFY) Consulting due to his desire to help others feel a sense of ease, happiness, and fulfillment in their life and relationships.

“I do what I do because I don’t want anyone to have to experience what I went through when I was younger,” says Dr. Benjamin Ritter. During my undergraduate degree my personal life felt like it was in shambles. I was personally, professionally, and socially lost. I felt alone, ostracized, and uncool. That feeling you get when the cool kids don’t want you to sit with them at the lunchroom table, but multiple that by 100. I had issues feeling and being “attractive” and to say I had ex-girlfriend issues and baggage is an understatement. My professional life was also crumbling in a variety of ways, and my levels of confidence and validation were intertwined with my career pursuits. All of this culminated into various mental health concerns, disorders, and I was truly lost.

This time in my life motivated me to dive into the fields of interpersonal development, mental health, social psychology, and work towards self-improvement. I had enough of feeling the way I did, losing time and years of my life, and it needed to change, I needed to change. The next four years were a journey focused on crafting the life I desired for myself personally and professionally. It consisted of countless hours, researching, graduate studies, introspection, and practice. When I say practice, I literally mean altering my behavior in personal and professional situations, from everything to how I would dress, to how I would speak to people, to the environments I would force myself to experience. I worked odd jobs that would test my social comfort zones and full-time professional jobs, on average 60-80 hours a week, and tried anything and everything that came my way. Eventually, in a serendipitous like moment, I was recruited to work for an organization to help others achieve the evolution I was implementing for myself, and the seed was planted to help others in a way I wish I was helped.

At this point in time, I am unbelievably fulfilled, and that seed that was planted many years ago has grew into the tree that represents my business, LFY Consulting, and the LIVE system theory. LFY Consulting helps others take back control of their life through the development of your internal leader. I am the author of two books, The Essentials – a pocketbook for men on dating and relationships, and The Live for Yourself Journal – a workbook/guidebook for individuals to work on cultivating alignment and achieving fulfillment through the LIVE system, host of The Live for Yourself podcast, and LIVE events, and creator of The Breakup Supplement – an all natural mood enhancer.

Each day, I am grateful for the experiences that have led me to the opportunity to work with others on cultivating personal and professional alignment, and ultimately achieve fulfillment.