Live for Yourself
Live for Yourself (LFY) consulting focuses on transforming others and cultivating personal fulfillment through personal alignment. 


Workshops focus on personal and professional development through applied learning and reflection.

Workshop topics can vary depending on the organizational and current client need. If you are interested in organizing a workshop for your organization or for a specific group please use the contact form at the end of this page. You can review common workshops and related details below:

Meaningful goal setting - how to stay motivated through decision making:

  • When you’re busy it's easy to become overwhelmed with the work you can do, and the decisions you have to make. Too often as a leader you either just stop taking action or do too much. Either way, you are left stressed and exhausted. This workshop will discuss a decision making strategy that you can use to stay motivated and efficiently work toward your goals.

Self-care - what it truly means to focus on yourself:

  • Self-care involves focusing on yourself, but what does that truly mean? A little hint, the answer isn't meditating more or getting a massage. This workshop will discuss a specific strategy that you can use to to practice self-care and truly focus on yourself.

Values - what are they and why are they important:

  • Values is a buzz word that has been connected to everything from your dating life to your professional career. They seem like an important concept but what are they really, and how do you even start to define your own values? This workshop will help you understand the concept of values and start exploring your own.

Happiness at work - craft a job you love from the job you have:

  • Too often people leave a job in search for greater meaning to just end up in the same exact situation that caused them to leave their old job. If you're wondering how to make the most out of any job you're at then this workshop is for you. After attending this workshop you will learn three research based strategies that can immediately impact how satisfied and engaged you are with your work.

The career for you - finding and crafting a career that matters:

  • The greatest concern that clients tend to have regarding their career path is if it’s the right one. They lack a sense of clarity and an action strategy. This workshop provides the opportunity for clients to get out of their own way, gain clarity, and the confidence they need to start making the progress toward their preferred professional career.

Managing to motivate – how to create an environment that empowers:

  • It can be tough to be a manager and feel responsible for the motivation of your team. Where do you start and what does it mean about you if you can’t seem to motivate them? This workshop will deconstruct the responsibility of management to motivate, and provide a simple to follow formula to create an environment that will empower and motivate your team.



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