Live for Yourself
Live for Yourself (LFY) consulting focuses on transforming others and cultivating personal fulfillment through personal alignment. 


Frequently asked questions about LFY Consulting services



What is the purpose of Live for Yourself (LFY) Consulting?

The purpose of Live for Yourself Consulting is to develop the internal leader in others through coaching/consulting, events, and products, to guide others in taking back control of their life. We mainly work with business leaders or entrepreneurs that have experienced a level of professional success but still don't feel successful.

Our clients have been running on overdrive for their whole life and when they stop for a moment, it hits them, despite all their work, they aren’t actually happy. Our clients may have experienced a couple long term relationships that didn't work out, are frustrated with dating, feel alone, over worked, stressed, and are ready for something to change, because something isn’t working.

We see the same story over and over again and we are here to change it. LFY Consulting provides personal coaching to help guide our clients toward fulfillment through the development of internal leadership skills, confidence, emotional intelligence and personal and professional alignment.

What is the "internal leader"?

The internal leader references the entirety of things that guide you each day. It's the reason why you have specific goals, relationships, and is the decision maker in your life. Your internal leader is the voice in your head that leads you, and LFY Consulting focuses on ensuring that your internal leader serves you.

What is the mission of Live for Yourself (LFY) Consulting?

The mission of LFY Consulting is to simplify health, wealth, and happiness for individuals and create a positive social impact.



Coaching/consulting services:


What is a personal and professional coach/consultant?

A personal and professional coach/consultant is a professional that creates and guides you through a program specifically developed with and for you. Your personalized program will lead you towards your goals, and becoming the person you need to be, to live the life you desire. A coach/consultant is there to challenge you, hold you accountable, and push you past your limits, while also ensuring you are safe and in an empathetic and compassionate environment.

What is it like to work with a personal or professional coach/consultant?

The coaching/consulting process is unique for each client but generally involves weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly Zoom audio sessions that are 1-2 hours in length, and focused on a specific overall goal. Each session spends time exploring current issues and concerns, problem solving, reframing belief systems, and specific assignments related to the overall purpose of the program. Live for Yourself Consulting bases its programs and work from applied learning theory, and research related to curriculum design and leadership development. Thus, programs include a combination of coaching/consulting calls and various experiential personalized assignments. The coach/consultant and client relationship is founded in trust, openness, honesty, respect, and empathy, and is always focused and goal oriented towards guiding the client in taking back control of his or her life and the overall purpose and goals of the program.

How long does coaching/consulting take?

LFY consulting is founded on the principles that the coaching/consulting process is not forever and that clients should reach a level of sustainable fulfillment, and develop an internal leader that can guide them throughout their life without consistent coaching/consulting. Based on previous clients successes and other professional experiences, clients tend to develop a sustainable internal leader and reach their program goals within 3 months of 2-hour weekly coaching/consulting sessions and 5 to 6 months of 1-hour weekly coaching/consulting sessions. The process begins with gathering information, and immediately starts implementing strategies for growth, and completes with the installation of new mindsets and behaviors for a sustainable transformation. After a completed program it is common for clients to schedule individual coaching sessions on an as-needed basis or switch to a once a month retainer program. More specific timelines can be provided based on specific client needs.

Why audio coaching/consulting calls and not video or in-person?

The coaching/consulting process requires that the client and coach/consultant are in an environment free of distractions, and near a computer to review assignments and take notes regarding the current session. The audio component allows both the coach/consultant and client the focus they need to achieve the growth that is desired. There is a short video portion in the beginning and at the end of coaching sessions to start off and close out the session.

Why do I need coaching/consulting?

Let’s be clear. You don’t need coaching/consulting, but are you happy and content living the life you are? Coaching/consulting will transform your life. It works and can give you what you want, right now. Do you want to wait 5, 10, 20 years to achieve what you think you want, or to just continue to live the life you are living now, or do you want to take meaningful, transformative steps to achieve your desires today? You’ve had years of formal education, but how much has that been about and for you. Coaching/consulting will guide you in earning a degree in yourself and immediately start working towards the life you desire.

Why should I sign up with Live for Yourself Consulting and not a different organization?

LFY Consulting differentiates itself from other coaching/consulting programs on the market through the expertise of Dr. Benjamin Ritter who is an expert in the field of organizational leadership, coaching, learning theory, curriculum design, and interpersonal dynamics. His program is extremely comprehensive, and utilizes specific and individualized assignments and coaching/consulting that focuses on developing the internal leader, and is the only coaching/consulting program in the world that utilizes the doctoral level research based LIVE system. LFY Consulting focuses on being transformational, not just motivational.

What if I’m not sure?

Signing up for coaching/consulting is a BIG step. It’s an intentional investment that clearly states, I WANT SOMETHING ELSE. It’s understandable that you may not be ready to look at your life and say, I WANT MORE. Take your time. Browse the content on the website. Read the testimonials and success stories. Attend a LIVE event. Listen to a podcast. Read an article. Get a little more comfortable, but remember that comfort is the enemy of growth. When you’re ready, or finally done dealing with the same story, reach out. Send an email to or through the contact page to start the conversation. We can then see if there is availability and if we’d be a good fit.

Watch this short video for more information about coaching programs:





What are LIVE events?

LIVE events are a monthly alternating event series hosted by Dr. Benjamin Ritter that are focused on cultivating community through conversation, stories, and inspiring ideas. LIVE events are not networking business professional events. Each event is focused on being real, open, authentic, vulnerable, and most of all, supportive.

What are the differences between the LIVE, Brainstorming, and Problem-solving events?

The Live for Yourself event series consists of three different events. The larger LIVE events are focused on a specific theme such as goal-setting, confidence, self-care, etc., and feature incredible thought-provoking speakers, and brainstorming activities in-between. LIVE events are two hours in length and include three speakers, and two breakout brainstorming sessions that discuss questions related to the speakers and themes. After attending a LIVE event you will have inspired your internal leader, and cultivated new relationships.

Brainstorming events are a spin-off of larger LIVE events. Brainstorming is an event that is focused on bringing people together to talk about a specific theme, cultivate community, and hopefully inspire personal and professional growth. The event is an hour long and consists of group and individual breakout brainstorming sessions to discuss three specific questions related to the event theme. Each breakout session is approximately 12-15 mins long. After each breakout session, we will have the opportunity to discuss the question as a group to share ideas and brainstorm. Brainstorming events are limited in size to promote authentic relationships and building community. 

Problem-solving is a monthly office hour event series that is focused on solving your problems. ALL topics are accepted for discussion - personal, professional, relationships. This event is free and based on availability.

How do I speak or sponsor an upcoming event?

The LIVE event series is always open to providing more information related to speaking or sponsoring an event or series of events. Please email contact@liveforyourselfconsulting with your interests and we will follow-up shortly.