LIVE for yourself (LFY) consulting focuses on transforming others and cultivating personal fulfillment through personal alignment. 

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Life has it's ups and downs, but fulfillment and satisfaction isn't tied to happiness or specific outcomes. It's from knowing who you are. Live for Yourself (LFY) Consulting bases its work on research and strategies from behavioral and social psychology, learning theory, and leadership development. Its work integrates the belief that four key pillars, Life, knowing where you have been, where you are, and where you are going, Intentions, your actions and their meaning, Values, your core self, the basis behind your attitudes and beliefs, and Expectations, your boundaries, wants, and needs, are responsible for achieving greater alignment, and sustainable confidence. LFY Consulting also focuses on creating greater levels of emotional intelligence through consistent personal consulting, ultimately building the skills necessary to master your emotions, and relationships. 


To be clear, none of this was easy. It took alot of time and work. Not to mention just facing the fact that I wasn’t the person I wanted to be, but it was more than worth it. Ben pushed, pulled, led, waited patiently, and during the whole time respected me and genuinely cared about my growth. The live program truly taught me how to finally live for myself and be the person I didn’t even know I could be.
— J.P.
I think the most important part of working with Ben was the amount of structure but flexibility, trust and respect, but no BS mentality he takes with his approach. He will call you out, show you the darkness at the bottom of the hole, and then prove to you that you can climb out into the light. Forever a new person because of Ben.
— D.S.
I honestly don’t know where I would be without Ben. Before working with him I was lonely, disheartened, and had almost no self-confidence due to a previous marriage. Ben was the first breath of fresh air I had taken in a long time. He was respectful, and extremely patient but demanded accountability. I am more confident and fulfilled than I have ever been. He really knows his stuff.
— P.G.
What differentiates Benjamin Ritter from other life and relationship experts is the tremendous amount of respect he harbors for every individual he meets. When you first meet him, you immediately gather the sense that he genuinely cares about what he does as a coach and wants to invest in your personal growth and potential. He gathers his energy from seeing others succeed and provides an awesomely positive level of encouragement balanced with constructive feedback on how his clients can makes themselves the best at whatever they desire to improve in their lives and relationships. I consider it a great privilege to have been able to work with him and embark on a journey, with the aid of his easy to follow program, to build the life I’ve always wanted to live, but couldn’t find the resources and confidence to make it a reality. I have never been more happy, healthy, both mentally and physically, focused and purpose driven than I am at this time in my life and I attribute much of my personal growth and new found success with women to the teachings of this fine gentleman. Ben will show you the ways to stop living short of what you want out of life and find ways to improve your relationships, while at the same time, finding happiness and motivation from within yourself. I have tremendous respect and admiration for what he has done and continues to do for all the individuals he has helped, and I am grateful to have had him open my eyes, creating an awareness of the endless possibilities and choices I DO have the ability and opportunity to pursue.
— B.L.
Where many people look with negativity and see limited options, Ben sees opportunities and takes advantage with a positive outlook. He is able to teach this amazing gift with others.
— M.R.
Ben has a very simple and charismatic approach to not only dating, but also the fundamentals of life. On many occasions he has guided me on the steps to being a masculine individual in a “world full of odds.” Great instructor, insightful mentor and a real mensch!
— T.M.
Ben has a deep technical understanding of social dynamics and social norms, this knowledge in combination with his natural charm makes him powerful and effective.
— S.M.


Personal or executive consulting focuses on your goals, the transformations you want, and then delves even deeper into your true desires. It's completely about living and being true to yourself. Your success, satisfaction, and fulfillment,  in your personal life, or in business, is only sustainable when you have a solid sense of self in the areas of intentions, values, and expectations.

Potential clients that are interested in pursuing personalized consulting can make a purchase below based on specific needs. 1-on-1 consultations are for specific situational questions or concerns that will not require the LIVE program. The investment covers the screening session, action oriented consultation, and the follow-up. The LIVE program is for concerns that require complete transformations and are oriented to meet specific goals. The initial session discusses the full length program, begins work on the major issues, and settles on the right level of investment for the program which covers the LIVE coursework, and weekly or bi-weekly consultations for 6 months. To find out more information please follow the steps listed below.

  • Review Media for videos and articles through websites such as TheGoodMenProject, ManTalks, AskMen, EliteDaily, Bustle, and more.

  • Follow and review social media presence to become more informed of the work I do and stay up to date on current events, articles, videos, appearances, etc.; mainly through Facebook.

  • Review the services in more detail below.

After you have reviewed the previous information and are interested in a consulting session please make your purchase and we will follow up with you shortly. If you have any further questions please submit the form below or call 872.529.5483. 

1-on-1 Consultation:

Consulting is available for professional, personal development, sex, dating, and relationship issues. Each consultation involves the foundation of social and behavioral learning theories and personal development. Your session will include a screening, informational and action oriented consulting session, and follow-up. Block packages are also available for purchase after the initial session. If you have any further questions please submit the form below or call 872.529.5483. 

1-on-1 Consultation

Consulting session includes:

  • Pre-analysis for fit, current state, future goals and specific objectives
  • Immediate and proven solutions for predetermined issues and concerns
  • Post assignments, and outline towards continuous improvement
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The LIVE program:

Created by Benjamin Ritter, MBA, MPH, the LIVE program is based on a combination of learning theory, social and behavioral psychology, leadership development, life and business coaching, and can be applied to either personal (internal development, dating, relationships) or professional situations. It focuses on exploring, defining, and understanding your internal self, your programming, while providing general consulting, in order to create lasting and fulfilling change externally. The three main outcomes are Alignment, Confidence, and Emotional Intelligence (ACE).

The LIVE program and coursework targets your core sense of self, and limiting beliefs, and provides education, consulting, and activities that focus on internal development, and relationship introspection/management. The program coursework generally involves 4 specific functional areas;

  • Life: This course focuses on your past, present, future and internal belief systems, and develops habits and the mental framework you need for unbreakable confidence, and self esteem.

  • Intentions: This course focuses on your previous and current intentions, and those perceived by the people around you, and from previous relationships. Resulting in the realignment and awareness of personal intentions.

  •  Values: This course focuses on your past and present personal values, and the values you need for a successful, satisfying relationship. Resulting in awareness of value alignment throughout personal and professional endeavors, creating greater levels of confidence, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

  • Expectations: This course focuses on your past and present relationships, and boundaries. Resulting in a framework for reducing stress from specific relationships, potential new relationships, and communicating, and cultivating positive fulfilling relationships.

The consulting process involves a minimum of 6 months, including at least weekly calls or meetings, activities, and assignments; program content and rates are structured based on the program that is the best fit and the comprehensiveness of the need.

If you have any further questions please submit the form below or call 872.529.5483. 

LIVE program - Initial screening consultation

The initial consulting session for the LIVE program includes:

  1. Screening of alignment and fit for the LIVE program, and between client and consultant.
  2. Analysis of the client's current state, objectives, goals, and the goal behind the goal.
  3. Personal consulting; strategies that can be immediately implemented based on the client's current state.
  4. Development of a tentative program outline.

The lower cost of the initial screening consultation is based on the lack of prior knowledge of the client, assignments, and actual coursework that are a major component of the LIVE program.

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If you have any further questions please submit the form below or call 872.529.5483. 

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